Our KOBA MF is a state-of the art completely sealed calcium/calcium Maintenance-free(MF) automotive battery, which have been developed through years of research and development.

KOBA MF battery is heat-beating design, suitable for also in tropical weather condition, for the advantages of durability in high temperature, easy rechargeability after deep discharge and longer cycle lifes etc. as well as excellent cold cranking power and extended shelf life.

Ranges : 35AH _ 90AH

Special Features

  • Heat Resistant Maintenance – Free design
  • Calcium plus Expanded negative grid & Calcium plus positive grid minimize water loss & Extend shelf Life
  • Hydrometer Indicator (Magic eye)for easy checking
  • P.E. Envelope separator
  • Totally anti-explosive & safety sealing cover with flame arrester
  • Shock resistant P.P container with rib – wall
  • Specially designed corrosion proof terminals
  • Plastic handle makes carry easily
  • Suitable for Non-automotive application like TV, Generator, Telecom, etc. as well as automotives